Community Involvement

Throughout the past 6 years we have tried to do as much as we can in our community to help not only ourselves grow but also the residents knowledge of the different types, aspects and combination's of gardening. We do our best to get out in the community and take part in events that we feel we can make a difference in.

  • Ridgeway Saturday Market: get your shopping done in one place and help support local area business's as well.                                                     
  • Fort Erie & Ridgeway Horticulture Society: any members belonging to either group, just show your card and receive a 10% discount on any plant material.
  • Communities in Bloom: Adam was a judge for the competition last year and hopes to do it again this summer. It is a great way to not only make our yards and community look better but gardening is also a great form of exercise and encourages all to be healthier and greener for our environment.

  • Information talks: Adam has done seminars in the past for the Fort Erie Horticulture Society as well as other community groups over the years. He is always eager to share his knowledge and experience with others, and is always eager to accept others knowledge as well. You know what they say "knowledge is power".

  • The Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce: We have recently become members of the Chamber and are very excited to be a part of this organization. Check out their website to find and support other local businesses.