Diana Sneek: Store Manager

Hi, I'm Diana. I have always enjoyed helping in the garden, but when I met and married Adam my summer hobby became a full time job.
I am happy to call Ridgeway my home and I am looking forward to meeting many more of the residents both at the greenhouse and at the Ridgeway Market.


Our Team

Adam Sneek: Owner

Hi, I'm Adam, I am the owner of this establishment along with my wife Diana. I have been here in Fort Erie for almost 4 years now and am proud to call myself a Ridgeway resident. I grew up surrounded by flowers working at my parents greenhouse in Port Colborne and always knew that I would get into the family business. I took the landscape tech. course at Niagara College and graduated in 2005. After school I went back to work at the family business for another 2 years until the opportunity for me to stake my own claim arose and the rest is history.

I  married my wife Diana in October 2010, making our place a family business as well. With all of our communities residents and their kind support I know that we can help each other grow as better people and gardeners. So come on in and let our family help you reach all your gardening goals this year!

Lucy Sneek: Mascot

Meow, my name is Lucy. I have been living at the greenhouse longer than Adam and Diana. During the day I spend my time sleeping and eating, but my actual job at the greenhouse is entertaining the kids that come in with their parents. The two things I can never get enough of are treats and hugs.