Soil, Mulch and Stone

What you put in your garden before and after you plant your annuals or perennials is often just as important as the plants you decide you use. Whether you need fresh topsoil to retain moisture, peat moss to improve aeration, or triple mix to increase organic matter. We have all of these solutions and more to help get your soil conditions up to grade.

The soils we carry are sterilized to allow you to get the most bang for your buck. Saving a few pennies on loads of bulk, unsterilized soil in the beginning will end up costing you in the long run, due to the amount of time you will likely be spending on wedding all the seeds that come with that soil. So buying good quality soil in early spring will help you enjoy your garden through the summer, rather than having to constantly work in it.

After all your flowers are put to bed and you have things looking the way you want them, you can save yourself even more work by mulching your flower beds. Adding a generous layer of mulch to your soil surface not only looks beautiful with 1 of our 4 different colours to choose from but will allow your garden to retain moisture where your plants need it most, in the soil. It also helps to limit the growth of unwanted weeds by creating a barrier between the soil and the sun. Less light getting to the soil surface means seeds will have a harder time germinating and sprouting into their full bothersome size.

If mulch is not your cup of tea, then we carry of 12 different colours and sizes of decorative stone for your soils surface. Although on their own not quite as good a weed barrier as mulch can be, add a layer of landscape fabric underneath the stone and you will have a beautiful weed free garden for years to come.